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Management — Level up!

I am, for all intents and purposes (give or take a moderated post to a discussion board or three), done with LIS 2700, Pitt’s not-so-briefly-named “Managing Libraries & Information Systems & Services.” I have a “management portfolio” to show for it–an environmental scan, needs assessment, budget, staffing plan, and business plan, done as part of a group of five people–as well as a grant proposal. Neither’s going on my webspace, because I ganked and modified a real university’s logo to make the portfolio beautiful, and the grant proposal is for a real, live library. But if you’re an employer who’d like to see whether or not I can produce a professional-looking document, send me an e-mail or leave a comment with your contact information, and I will happily provide you with one or both (pending permission, on the grant proposal).

I’m also pretty much entirely finished with LIS 2001, Organizing Information. I’m awfully sad to see that class go; it’s been truly enjoyable. I don’t have much I’m inclined to display from that class (I was very conversational in my writing style for those assignments), but I’ll happily tell you all about the differences between MODS and Dublin Core, if you’re interested in hearing about that. I even have a presentation, with image macros and a crosswalk.

(Yes, I used the word “ganked” in something an employer might see. This is, first and foremost, a blog. I imagine employers keep that in mind.)

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