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Things are a'brewin'!

I do try to keep this blog mostly to the point–and the point, at least until I graduate, is the experience of library school for a trained engineer–but this is important! I’m getting back into homebrewing. It’s been too long. Besides, in fighting (failing to fight?) my lack of motivation the other day, I found myself peeling beer bottles–by the way, Victory? dead to me!–and as I filled the second case with empty bottles, I knew it was time. (One batch is roughly two cases.)

Because I’m a bit out of practice, I ordered a kit. So, some tasty malts and hops and such are on their way to my door, to be boiled up and made into a Nut Brown Ale. If you want–please comment–I’ll keep you posted on brewing and bottling dates, so you can come by and watch/help/drink. (Does anyone local, other than my boyfriend, even read this blog?)

In the tradition of my people (uh, I guess that’s Dale, Dean, and me), the dregs from the nut brown will be reborn into a fine and flavorful ginger ale. I’ll modify the last recipe just a smidge–the mulling spices are not going to stay in so long! and perhaps I’ll find a yeastfood that’s less harsh than cane sugar–but it’ll be along the same lines.

Which means I need more bottles. If you’re local, and you drink beer from pop-off bottles (no screw-caps! those don’t work!), please keep them for me–I’m a case and a half short. If you peel them, you will experience all the benefits of good karma, and the sun shall shine down upon you, and the beer gods will smile, and all will be beautiful. But even you don’t peel them, I’ll be grateful to receive them and will likely reward you with beer.

In related news, I’ve put together my lists from the two years I failed at 365 Beer, as well as what I had tried before and what I’ve tried since, and I have tasted* 399 different types of beer**, for sure. There are a few I’m pretty sure I’ve tried, but not sure enough to write down, and there are some I know I’ve tried and failed to write down, but the names escape me. So, 399 confirmed beers, anyway.

*Tasting refers to drinking at least 4oz, except in the case of Cave Creek Chili Beer, Lindeman’s Gueuze (unflavored lambic), and Arrogant Bastard Ale. Swallowing any of the first is heroic, and two or three gulps was all I could take of the other two.
**A type of beer is a named beer by a brewery. Yuengling Lager is different from Yuengling Porter is different from Yuengling Light. Sam Adams Porter is different than Yuengling Porter. You get the idea. Also, I counted ciders and “malt beverages.” So, yes, there’s some Smirnoff and Mike’s Hard on my list, and I’m OK with that.

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  1. somcak

    I will make the sacrifice this weekend and drink a 6-pack for you!

  2. Coral

    You are such a giver! :)You’ve got some time, though, if you don’t make it through the six pack this weekend. It’ll be at least another week before we start boiling, and the beer sits for about a month before it’s bottled. Good times.

  3. Mary

    I’ll have to miss out on your Nut Brown ale, though I love me some brown ale. :)

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