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Brewin' and visitin' DC

It’s time, folks. I haven’t run this by Dale, yet, but I’m proposing that brewing should happen on March 7. I won’t have any homework due that week, since it’s spring break, and I don’t work that Saturday (I do work that Sunday night, though, bleh). Anyone want to come watch/help stir?

Also, about spring break… I would like to visit the DC area sometime that week (March 9-15). I’m going to see whether getting that Wednesday or that Friday off is possible. If you’re in the DC area and want a visit, chime in with what times are good for you! If you’re in Pittsburgh and want a ride down there, also chime in. I haven’t asked around for crash space, yet, but once I have a rough schedule decided, I will. :)

I’ll post about summer classes later this week.

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