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Schedule woes

It’s fun to post about my schedule, because, pretty much immediately after I hit “publish post,” I begin rethinking it. I’ve dropped Instruction to take Web Engineering (seriously, a class about applying software design principles to web development? with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP? I’m in! I only wish it covered SQL as well!), but now I’m thinking maybe I should have dropped SciTech Resources and kept Instruction. It’s true that four weekends won’t make me one of the world’s great teachers, but will a 12-week class taught by four instructors really be a more structured introduction to science and engineering resources than I’ve already received through my work at CMU’s E&S Library? I’m not so sure.

Also, I keep playing with the idea of making my Aviary work into a Field Placement, so that I can afford to spend more time there. I’ve barely started on their book collection, and I would very much like to finish it all before I move out of town. (Here’s hoping I do, in fact, move out of town–or find a job here–by August. I hear times are tough, out there, right now.)

In mostly-unrelated news, Book Kart Drill Team (known from here on out as “BKDT”–yes, we spell it with a “K,” for no good reason) is going swimmingly. We have most of a routine, thanks to our phenomenal drill expert. It looks like there are going to be eight of us, and we’re probably going with costumes in black and gold (but shiny gold, not yellow gold). I’m worried about funding, but it seems we’re doing a bake sale roughly once a month, and we’re all working to make crafts for sale, as well. Also, there’s going to be a raffle. Maybe I should get in touch with our raffle person about that…

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