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Spring Break, Classes, Et Cetera

I had a pretty fantastic spring break. I did not, as I had hoped I would, research and complete my paper for Academic Libraries, though I did settle on a topic. I also did not catch up on Cataloging, where I feel like I’m shamefully behind the curve (on the bright side, if you can call it that, there are a bunch of other people who feel similarly). Nor did I get much of anything else school-related completed. But I think I needed the break, honestly. This short, intensive program, with internships and job applications and with so much else going on in the library world that I want to keep up with in my free time, is beginning to burn me out. … I feel stupid saying that. Who gets burnt out in less than a year? But it isn’t real burn-out; it’s just an awareness that I need to put my mind firmly on something that isn’t school and isn’t libraries, now and then. And I think taking some time to do that, last week, was beneficial (even if my Google Reader and inbox were bursting at the seams on Monday).

I worked on some crafty stuff, including some pretty jars of bath salts to sell for Book Kart Drill Team fundraising, and a jewelry-selling (or perhaps eventually a jewelry-storing) rack that I’m really quite proud of. I read most of Alex and Me, which is probably still an interesting read if one isn’t a bird-lover but is absolutely wonderful if one is. I cleaned my kitchen and did a little bit of actual cooking, for the first time in a while. No homebrewing, yet, but I hope to get to that in the next few weeks, depending how project due dates fall.

And then I spent several days in DC, visiting people, which was tremendously fun. I remembered how much I like my friends down there, even as I remembered how little I like getting around Northern Virginia. Also, I got to play with a baby. Good times. (No, you don’t have to want to have a baby to enjoy playing with them. They’re cute!)

Anyway, now it’s back to the grind, as they say. I have five or six big assignments coming due in the next few weeks, and it’s stressful. But I’ll get through it.

On Thursday I’m attending a session on Dialog. I’m pretty excited about it, actually, though I feel bad missing volunteering at the Aviary for a second week in a row. Hopefully I can make it up to them in the form of 120 more hours (and some course credit for me) over the course of the end of this semester and the summer. Or, if the job fairy makes an early visit, one Saturday a month until I’m finished.

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