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Waffling and indecision

I’ve changed my summer course schedule twice, now. On the bright side, all of this fiddling has left me with courses I’m excited to be taking!

  • INFSCI 2955: Special Topics: Systems – “Web Engineering” (Monday nights)
  • LIS 2850: Library’s Role in Teaching and Learning, aka Library Instruction (Four weekends, Friday nights and Saturdays)
  • LIS 2184: Legal Issues in Information Handling: Copyright & Fair Use in the Digital Age (Wednesday afternoons)

I also have approval to count my Aviary work as an independent study, which is pretty fantastic. I’m setting aside a day a week for that–maybe more, if I can compress my work schedule enough to allow for it–as well as some time to finish my current field placement, which will extend into the summer.

I’m still in the process of scheduling the Book Kart Drill Team practices. And I’m going to the annual conferences of both ALA and SLA, which will be a great opportunity, though I know from ER&L what conference attendance does to one’s schedule, during school. I’ll also run for a spot on the executive board of SCALA again; that’s been pretty rewarding, and I want to see the group into the fall.

I should probably leave some room in my schedule for doing homework. Hmm.

Anyway, it’s a busy and exciting summer. I think I’ll learn a lot.

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  1. mary

    woooh, SLA and ALA conferences. See you both times (hopefully)!

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