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Almost a librarian!

One project stands between me and full librarian status! (Unless you’re one of those sticklers who thinks you have to have some number of years in the field, first. But my title, once I start work, will be both Assistant Professor of Library Science and Web Services Librarian–I hope I can put both on my business card :)–so I feel pretty good about going ahead and using the L word.) And I have enough of it done that I could probably turn it in now and graduate. At this point, I’m just trying for the “A.”

I have a couple of posts planned–one requires me to steel myself and read the technophobic rantings of the anti-Kindle pro-death-of-trees fringe (I tell myself they’re the fringe, but I honestly don’t know), and the other is kind of a review of the Pitt library school experience. I’ll try to stick to the positive and the constructive, because I see no point in discussing any problems to which I can’t offer solutions. Apparently, each graduating student has the right to an exit interview with the Dean of the school; I’m tempted to take him up on that. I have a lot to say.

Anyway, I feel like being finished with classes and within sight of finishing all of my projects is a mile marker, something worth posting about in its own right. I wish I could say I feel jubilant and proud, but all I really feel is exhausted, in debt, and anxious to move on to the next thing. … Not that that’s so very bad a feeling, honestly, because I am so excited about the work I’ll get to do, the library I’ll work at, the coworkers I’ll work with, and the town I’ll live in! But there’s an awful lot of logistics (and driving!) between me and the start of that job.

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  1. wurtlesworld

    It is incredibly cool that you have the option to meet with the dean if you want!

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