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Good news!

I have a job! (As in, I received and signed an official, printed, mailed job offer today, which I plan to photocopy and mail back tomorrow.) But it’s not just any job—it’s precisely the kind of job I wanted to be doing, at a dynamic library, in a beautiful city, with excellent coworkers.

I will be working at the University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University‘s Consortium Library, as a Web Services Librarian. Part of my job will be Web site stuff—making sure the library’s home page is working and troubleshooting when electronic resources act up—part will be reference and liaison work, and part will be committee and working group activities. It sounds like there will be plenty of variety to the work, leaving room to fiddle with new and different technologies as time and interest allow. I like my coworkers—they’re laid back and fun, but also pretty dedicated librarians, which is exactly the kind of people I want to be working with. And they know I’m not a total genius with all of the development languages in use on their site, yet, which is nice. (I still plan to get a lot closer to genius level before I start work, though.) Finally—and this might sound stupid—I will have a window office. That makes me so, so, so much happier in places like DC and Pennsylvania, so it’ll be absolutely amazing in Alaska!

Now, when I tell people about this, I get one of two reactions: “Alaska? Awesome! (Can I come visit?)” or “Alaska? Really? (Bleh!)” Although I really am sad to leave friends and family so far behind, I’m still pretty excited about living in Anchorage: it’s a a far sight warmer and lighter in winter than some other parts of the state, and it’s a city in its own right—just a little smaller than Pittsburgh. Though moose are not an uncommon sight, even in town. :) And, seriously, I’ve never been anywhere prettier. There are mountains high enough to have glaciers even in summer, and there’s water, and there are state and national parks and forests all around the city—so much to explore!

I’ve promised to blog the move. If you have a strong opinion about whether I should do that here or make a new blog for it, leave me a comment, but for now, I’m planning to make a new blog and just link it from here and the homepage—keep this blog about librarianship. I’ll have some exciting things to write, this year! (You can reasonably expect another post or two about library school before I get to blogging about the new job.)

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  1. thelady

    Congrats on your first librarian job, keep us updated on your new adventure living and working in Alaska.

  2. Coral

    Thanks, thelady! I definitely will! :)

  3. lindyjb

    Congratulations on the job! — Exciting that you'll be working at the University. Alaska is a beautiful state!

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