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Back in Library-land

Pittsburgh to Anchorage is a long trip—4202.6 miles, to be precise—and I spent pretty much that whole time and, to be honest, the bulk of my first couple of weeks in Alaska willfully ignorant of what was happening in the library world. I marked my RSS feeds “read,” ignored my mailing lists, and did the bare minimum, as far as committee work went—though I have some extra to do, to make up for it, now. But I think that break between the overwhelmingness of a 1.5-year crash course in librarianship (I’m counting my pre-library-school information seeking, too, since I got so very wrapped up in it) and, you know, starting work as a librarian was good for me; I’d recommend it to anybody, financial details aside.

But now I’m back and busier than ever! My first day at work as a librarian was Monday, and although I was too tired to blog about it right away, it was excellent. I’ve learned quite a lot, both about the place where I work and about the technical details of maintaining and upgrading their (our!) Web presence. It’s all been pleasantly overwhelming, if that phrasing makes any sense. There’s still so much to learn and so much to be done once I have learned (by which I mean, as I am learning) it. But my department—and, honestly, the library as a whole—is so supportive and helpful and willing to answer questions (and, by and large, good at holding back from opening floodgates of things they need the new Web Services Librarian to do for them :)) that, intimidating as the learning curve is, I feel “challenged,” rather than “freaked out” or even “stressed.” Although it’ll be hard work, I definitely feel up to it.

So, I have to say, on the whole, things are good. It may be a few weeks before I go back to exhorting folks to write to publishers, library school deans, or anyone else. ;) But I’ll try to keep updating about my experience in starting out as a librarian, starting my work as a liaison to an academic department (and it does look like it’ll be engineering, hopefully electrical and computer!), and starting to take on more and more of the technical stuff related to the website.

Sorry if my spelling is not up to par. The dictionary is clearly not installed with Firefox on my Acer…

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