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Crafty weekend!

I know I haven’t been posting about crafts or cooking projects for a while–things have been busy–but I’ve definitely dabbled. Just this weekend I started cutting magazines to make decoupage and magnets. I wanted to grab the recipes out of the magazines before throwing them out (so help me, less clutter this time!), so I figured I might as well take any other elements–words in fonts I liked, pictures I liked–out of them, while I was at it. I’ve got a shoebox with clippings, and eventually I should be able to do a whole table top, or at least a whole heck of a lot of magnets. (No single letters–this is not a ransom note kit.)

I’ve also been practicing with polyurethane, so I should be awesome by the time the decoupage project gets off the ground. (Right? I know you use some kind of shellac or something. Maybe it’s not the same thing. I haven’t researched this fully, yet.) Back when I lived in Northern Virginia, where the closest “grocery store” to me was a Whole Foods–and the extra mile required to get to a different grocery store might cost more in gas than the difference in the prices of the foods, if you timed it poorly–I started saving bags, in order to make a rug I found in Ready Made. (Remember when that was a book, not a magazine? :)) Now, the rug they were describing and the rug I ended up making were pretty different, but I could still follow most of their directions. And, let me tell you, it was work-intensive. I must have spent most of a 40-hour week putting that thing together. (It would go faster, now that I’ve done it.) Only, until my current place, I never had anywhere I could put it, let alone a covered area to paint on the polyurethane and let it dry. I’ve lugged that darn thing over 5000 miles, at this point, I think, but it’s finally complete and sitting on my kitchen floor! I think it looks pretty neat, but I’m biased by being so proud of it. And, now that I know how to make them, I admit that I’m kind of pondering making more (not from Whole Foods bags, though), to sell.

Other weekend goodness: I planted the seeds for my garden in those little peat pots, and I made mashed purple potatoes! They were awesome! I’m planning to grow them–I think maybe their official name is “blue” something, but they’re purple in color, I promise–in my garden along with all of those plants I started. I’m pretty psyched about that. And I made a whole bunch of mashed not-purple potatoes, which became leftovers, which became cottage pie. That turned out well, too, actually.

No pics yet, but I’ve started a purple scarf for a friend of mine. (Here’s hoping she doesn’t read this. :))

So, it’s been a crafty few days! I’ll try to keep you better updated as I make more crafts.

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