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On silence

I think every blogger has experienced what I’ve been going through: things get busy, you fall a little bit (or more than a little bit) behind in your blogging, and all of a sudden you have so many things to talk about, leading inevitably to a sort of paralysis as you find yourself unable to find the time to write it all down. Or perhaps you find the time, but your post gets too long—that’s what happened to me.

Seriously, I have had this probably 5+ page post drafted for several months, and I just haven’t had the wherewithal to go back and finish it, or chop it up into multiple posts, or whatever it needs. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not actually going to do that. The thing to do is start over, or write about something else (such as my inability to blog ;)).

All that said, it isn’t as though I haven’t been blogging. I have multiple blog projects (plus two Twitter accounts, a Facebook account, ALA Connect, LibraryThing, a couple of specialized social media sites, and a share in two organizations’ Facebook pages and Twitter streams), which may also be part of the problem. As I put it to a coworker, “I’m social mediaed out.” But this blog, right here, is a high priority to me. Higher, at a minimum, than the last one I linked up there. I use that, theoretically, for updating my coworkers about neat things that are happening in the library web world—in reality, it’s better for me to post that kind of thing on our intranet, and that’s usually what I do. (Several people would probably prefer I email it out, but I’d like to be part of the solution to the overstuffed inbox problem, NOT part of the problem.)

So, let’s think of this as a reboot. Shorter posts, more often.

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