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PNLA Leads 2010

I’ve kind of put off writing this post, not because PNLA Leads was anything short of amazing—it did not fall short in the least—but because I wasn’t sure what to say. The facilitators asked us, very nicely, not to share too many details of the program, and I can get behind that: running these things is how they pay their bills. So I don’t want to lay out what we did. And so much of what I learned was wrapped up in what we did or was so personal as to be of no use to you. So I am left not knowing what to say.

But it seems wrong not to acknowledge that I went; that I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my leadership style, and (believe it or not) my organization; and that I have at least a few concrete plans that I’ve taken away from it. Even if I have no idea what else to say.

Well, I do have one other comment: If you’re a librarian in the Pacific Northwest, I heartily recommend you go in 2012—if you’re too far along your own leadership track, yourself, to feel like you should go as a participant, then volunteer to mentor. It’s a great experience!

I took a couple of long walks during the week—I needed time to clear my head, and I was hoping to pick up a geocache (unsuccessful there)—so I thought I’d share my photos. I’m hoping they give you an idea of how pretty it was, there, even if my photography leaves a bit (OK, a lot) to be desired. Only one was taken from a session, and it’s in the same general vein as the PNLA Leads Facebook group’s icon, so I think it’s OK.

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