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Combining, Remodeling, Spring Cleaning – Whatever you call it

I don’t know what this is going to do to my RSS feed (so, apologies in advance for any weirdness), but I’ve imported my old craft blog into this one. My most recent post there really belonged in both places; I’ve been writing less to all of my blogs than I’ve intended to; and, honestly? I am kind of taking @srharris19‘s approach to social media: I’m a whole person. Take me or leave me. Cross-stitched curse words included (I did actually block the curse word out, but you can tell what it was). Craft-related content won’t totally overwhelm library-related content, here. At least, that’s  not the plan. But even if it gets equal time, I don’t think craft posts—particularly given how much I like geek-themed crafts (and how many librarians share that hobby)—will upset anybody overmuch. It beats the heck out of a list of links every week, or a stream of my entire online life, right?

I have written more than you’ve seen, this year. The best thing I wrote and never [yet] shared was an exuberant, crowing declaration of victory over WorldCat Local QuickStart and its stupid, nigh-unoverridable method of determining a library’s location. And then I realized I’d been wrong about my victory; my browser had outsmarted me. It’s still broken. Inexplicably. … So that post sits and waits until their caches are refreshed. Because I DID fix it, for us; it just hasn’t propagated through the system yet.

But, honestly, my blog-silence has mostly been a time issue. I can make time to retweet a cool link, or complain about the local bus system [not actually] tracking users [they clarified, and so did I]; writing a thought-out blog post is a bigger commitment. Even today, I really ought to be doing homework for my Photoshop class (free tuition, woohoo!), rather than blogging. I fell a few weeks behind, due to all of the things going on in my life, both personal and professional. I’ve never been the sort of person not to get homework done, so, you know, that’s kind of the scale of how busy things have been.

By the way, I’m pretty excited about one of those work-related things, in particular. Do you know how the New Jersey librarians did something called “Snapshot Day,” where all(?) of the libraries in the state took photos, on one day, showing how busy they were and collected statistics (again, for that one day), which were then reported on a statewide webpage that could be shared with legislators? And then that ALA supported the idea of all states doing it? Alaska’s going to do it, too, this year! April 28th, baby! (And I made our logo with my new Photoshop skills. ;)) If you’re Alaskan and reading this, please go to our wiki and find out how to participate! If you’re not, please still feel free to check out our wiki, and consider getting together with libraries in your state to participate. It’s a little time-consuming to get set up, the first year, and we still don’t know how many of our libraries will participate…. but isn’t it a great idea? Look at New Jersey’s page and how awesome it is! We’re going to make a page like that, too!

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