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Quick Question – Is this the best way to do a drawing?

Hi there. Our Social Media Team is doing a drawing, to win a Nook. To enter, one must “Like” our library Facebook page. Which means we need to get the name of everyone who likes us and somehow do a drawing.

I know from a recent card-sorting exercise I did that cutting out hundreds of slips of paper is needlessly time-consuming. We can do this digitally, I believe. And I have a plan. But I’m wondering if anyone has a better suggestion.

Step 1: Get the full list of people who “Like” us from Facebook. This involves clicking “Show More” a few times and copying a big, long list. (Not even 500 people on it, yet, though.)
Step 2: Paste that into TextEdit (Mac’s version of Notepad), to strip out formatting and photos; copy the result
Step 3: Paste into Word, and do find-replace to strip out the “Make Admin” text and all the extra spaces; copy the result
Step 4: Paste into TextEdit, and save as .xls.
Step 5: Open in Excel; now we have a numbered list of everybody
Step 6: Pull up an online random number generator, and generate a number (you can give it bounds, so you don’t get too high a number)
Step 7: Look that number up on the Excel sheet, and that’s our winner.

This seems like a lot of steps for just picking a winner, but can anyone think of a better method?

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  1. Dale

    Skip steps 2 through 5. Paste directly to Excel. Get your random number from 1 to #NUM_FANS, multiply by 3 and add 11(ish?); that’s your winner.

  2. Coral Coral

    You can’t paste directly into Excel (at least not on my Mac at work) from that Facebook list. It does not work.

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