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Crafty Goodness

I haven’t taken the time for crafting, this year, that I normally do. There was that whole buying a house/getting married on the east coast/nesting thing going on, and I still haven’t dug out all of my supplies, let alone organized them. But I’ve found a little time, mostly while on airplanes, which has resulted in a hat (to be donated to Kelly Kaps, which gives hats to children undergoing chemotherapy… just typing that breaks my heart a little) and a scarf (which I’m keeping, though the “pattern” was fun enough that I will do it again, if I can find a way to keep it from curling in on itself when complete). And more than a couple of coffee cup cozies, which I am planning to sell on Etsy to raise funds for my Tour de Cure ride, next year. (I’ll link the shop when I get it put together.)

Want to see the hat and scarf? Of course you do. ;)

But that’s not my only craft-related news! I am also pleased to announce that I’ll be joining the crew at Geek Crafts, blogging about the intersection of, you guessed it, geekery and craftiness, primarily on Wednesdays. It is fully my intention to represent Team Librarian and share the library love–so if you’re aware of some excellent library-themed crafts, especially ones with available tutorials, please let me know! There’s also a dearth of proper computer geekery–computer games aside–so if you see any of that, too, please send it along! (I’m not being lazy. I will continue to scour the internet for such things, I promise. It’s a hard life, looking for fun crafts, but I’ll get through somehow. ;))

I just bought myself a scroll thing (as opposed to a hoop) for cross-stitch, so I may begin a bigger-than-normal cross stitch project over the holidays. Or I might get to more of the subversive ones on my list. We’ll just have to see. Also, I got signed up for a hat exchange? So there might be another hat like the one above, but speckled brown. And possibly sans fun tassle. We’ll see.

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