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Library Day in the Life (#libday8) – Monday

8:30 – get to work, make oatmeal and coffee, start replying to emails from people I met at conference (yay!) and coworkers
8:45 – phone call, dealing with some misunderstandings about the upcoming AkLA NMRT social (it was pre-coffee, and someone was angry at me; not a good start to the day, but we did work it out by the end of the call)
9:00 – chat with my coworkers about weekends, moose, retirement, how to staff the reference desk
9:15 – boot up my laptop (I already had my desktop on) and start the blog post, while I eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee; schedule a meeting about the AkLA NMRT Social (send the meeting announcement to the wrong NMRT–that’s right, the big one, boo; also, spilled oatmeal on my shirt)
9:30 – reminded by Twitter to put in a help ticket with Serials Solutions; I want to see if we can use their 59 “disciplines” (yes, scoped search boxes are coming!) to inform our own list of Subjects, for LibGuides, but the meeting is this week!; then read/write some Twitter, some Facebook, quite a bit more email (catching up on listservs)
10:15 – order ribbons for AkLA NMRT
10:30 – more email; IM with husband about contractor, who claims to need our heat off for 3 days(!!) to replace our furnace and water heater
10:45 – went on walk, trying to clear my head and improve my mood; found a fun colleague willing to walk with me
11:30 – feeling much better, started paperwork to get reimbursed for part of Midwinter (we do reimbursals on kind of a “travel grant” model, where you put in an application, are approved [or not], and can have up to $1300 toward conferences and continuing ed per year, but then you need to write a report and submit financial paperwork afterward); took a quick break to buy an item I’d commissioned on Etsy; kept plugging away at paperwork
noon – realized my computer only freezes when I have MS Office open, hmmm
12:30 – impromptu planning meeting with colleague; discussed committee work and work-work
2:00 – late lunch and Google Reader
2:30 – wrote a long and (I hope) persuasive email to a committee of my colleagues, trying to convince them to choose a subject list that will make it easier (or, perhaps, possible?) for me to build cool things with APIs
3:00 – tried to read Library Faculty Evaluation Criteria, but kept getting distracted
3:30 – correcting earlier paperwork
3:45 – realizing I’ve been eating headache medicine like candy all day, and my husband is also suffering; relatedly, email discussion of canceling tonight’s book club, while trying some more with Evaluation Criteria
4:00 – meeting to plan NMRT social
4:45 – some more emailing (sending out NMRT social info and trying to answer one of the tickets in my queue), some more trying to read the Criteria, remembering belatedly to warn my colleagues about a local geocache that uses our library (for which they seemed grateful :))
6:00 – goin’ home!

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