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Google Plus

OK, I don’t know how long this will be available (and I don’t know a better way to capture it forever than to play-and-grab with screen capture—any Elluminate Live wizards out there with a better plan?), but my Google Plus talk is available here. You’ll need to fill in the email address and name boxes, for some reason I don’t understand, but nothing will happen because of it—you can put in gibberish with an @ sign, and it won’t know. :)

It isn’t the world’s best Elive session, but neither is it the worst. I wish I’d said “um” fewer times, and there were a few things I meant to get to but didn’t…. but it was interactive and pleasant, and I think everyone who attended learned something! I call it a success.

Emerging Leaders

Moving to future plans… I’m going to propose the formation of an ad-hoc Librarians Build Communities (LBC) committee to the Alaska Library Association E-Council. (The ad-hoc committee being a precursor to a full-blown LBC program in the state, which, by the way, is only one of the five items on Group G’s to-do list for this six-month period: “… extend and implement Librarians Build Communities in pilots within group members states” [sic].) For the text of my proposal, I borrowed heavily from the Wisconsin LBC proposal, which one of our mentors shared with us. Since I’m just asking to form an ad-hoc committee, I can’t imagine they will say no.

I still found the proposal intimidating to write, because there is so much undecided right now. Our committee hasn’t met, other than at conference, and both the mentor who was on the LBC project last year and our ALA staff liaison (who was last year’s liaison) were unable to attend that meeting. We could be way off in our thinking and not even know it, one month in, which I find very worrying. I mean, there could be more done than we think. (Or there could be LESS done than we think.) We’re meeting on the 28th and the 6th, and I hope that 5 months is enough time to get some quality work done. *fret fret fret*

Anyway, I built a website, just to have something to show (and also, yeah, to better understand what needs to be done, from a technical standpoint), and, if I seem a little, I don’t know, stressed, it’s because the process was a definite eye-opener. We’ll have to do a lot of work from scratch, to make this program work nationally, from both a programmatic and a technical standpoint. Technically, even just using Google forms and PBwiki, there are too many moving parts for most state-level committees to get it all right. And, even if they get it all right, it relies on too many external services to be full-proof. Scary. Programmatically, without a good technical solution for volunteer matching, this is going to be a nightmare for states to maintain. … On the bright side, having built this site, I now have some ideas about how to code up something that will work. I think.

*fret fret fret* (This is a precursor to *panic*, but I am hoping not to get there.)

AkLA Conference

AkLA stuff is moving along. We had a meeting about the NMRT Social and Conference Orientation, this morning. I feel better about that. It will go awesome, or it won’t, but if we fall short of awesome, it definitely won’t be due to lack of preparation.

I submitted the reports I’m responsible for (with pictures!), and I have an agenda for the NMRT meeting. So, yay for that!

Snapshot Day is done enough for conference, with pretty awesome little “teaser” handouts. (I wasn’t involved in the handouts, other than saying “yes, that’s fantastic, great job!” but I’m really psyched about them.) That won’t be much work again until April.

My lightning talk is … well, I have a topic. And, like, at least two slides! (Out of 20.) That’s what I’m going to work on as soon as I post this, actually. And then again from home this evening. (I thought I’d work on it over the weekend. But I’m nearing burnout, I can tell. I spent Friday night and Saturday CLEANING MANY OF THE THINGS, at home, instead of doing work-work. Not a great sign.) … Don’t look at me like that! I’m not being irresponsible, exactly: all of this work I’ve done on LBC is relevant, since that’s my topic. I’m hoping my talk with inspire people to join my state-level committee. ;) … It will be a much happier talk than this blog post has been, I should say. It’s a great idea, a great advocacy tool, and generally really worth people’s time … I’m just fretting over a short timeframe and insufficient data. And I’m only fretting as hard as I am because I tried to implement the technical side of a state-level pilot all by myself and am [far] less than pleased about the results. Details, I guess. It’s still a cool project.

I’m excited about conference, though! I have been known to forget, over the course of a year, how much I like the people at AkLA. It’s a very nice community. And Fairbanks in the winter will be a new and different experience.

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