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Library Day in the Life – Thursday

Back at work after two sick days. Still headachy and tired, but functional enough. (Plus, I have two meetings scheduled today, which it would be better not to miss.)

8:45-9:30am – catch up on phone messages and email, print Staff Development Fund applications, check Facebook (while printing, which took FOREVER), admire the large amounts of very wet snow falling outside
9:30am – noon – read and score Staff Dev applications (which might seem irresponsible, doing it the day of, but they weren’t sent out to the committee until I was already at home, sick) … this was slow going, I admit; I couldn’t concentrate and ended up taking several breaks, wherein I checked Facebook and ate some yogurt and signed up for a bunch of trainings on Springshare products we want to evaluate, later this semester; I also read some emails and checked in several times on the [ALA] NMRT Special E-Board Meeting, held to approve our budget
12-12:30pm – make coffee in preparation for afternoon full of meetings, eat a bagel, and try to find that one research study I wanted to talk about in our later meeting, refresh my memory on what it says
12:30-1:50 – meeting to go over Staff Development Fund applications
2- 3:15 – meeting to put together Subjects A – Z (choosing what those subjects would be, that is); this wasn’t the world’s easiest meeting, but neither was it the worst
3:15-3:30 – telling most of my libraryland contacts about our job opening: (Instructional Design Librarian, gotta love it!)
3:30-3:45 – got some fruit juice and chocolate :)
3:45-4:00 – got a very sweet phone call from a coworker, who was at the stressful meeting and on the committee and wanted to assure me I wasn’t crazy :)
4:00-4:40 – … no idea. Maybe I just stared at my computer? “other duties as assigned”? Going to go check on the contractors, now, and then pick up Dale and then go to the Anchorage Reads party … then sleep, because I’m still not up to 100%

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