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See you in Anaheim?

Things have been hectic, since Midwinter. Work’s been busy (because when isn’t it?), some things in the Alaska Library Association have moved forward (which is fantastic, but potentially time-consuming), various life stuff (including more of Dale’s and my first year as homeowners) has continued to happen, and Group G’s Emerging Leaders project has taken up way more of my time and energy than I should admit to, given the other things I’m supposed to be getting done. But that last one, at least, will be over soon. We’re pulling together our report and our presentation(s), and it’s really nice to reflect on all that’s been accomplished in less than six months.

I’ll write a longer post about Emerging Leaders, later; specifically, I really want to do a comparison with PNLA Leads, the other leadership program I’ve participated in. But we have a web conference, half a day of leadership training, and a poster session to go before I’ve “emerged,” so it seems a little premature to blog about the program at length.

I will say, if you’re looking for me in Anaheim, there’s a good chance that I’m doing something related to my EL project, Librarians Build Communities. (Still looking for people to write blog posts about their experiences volunteering, by the way! They can be short. Pictures are nice, but not required. Pretty please?)

  • Friday is all EL stuff, including our Poster Session and Reception (please come! there will be snacks :)) and then a reception with ELs and Maureen Sullivan, which I feel all weird typing out, but I have to say, it sounds delightful. (Doubly so, since I missed a similar reception at Midwinter, due to my luggage going missing.)
  • On Saturday, we’re presenting our progress to the Chapter Relations Committee. (We’re only talking for 10 minutes.) In non-EL news, I am on a board that is meeting at the same time as my favorite libraryesque author, David Weinberger. It’s an elected position, and one I take seriously, so my sense of responsibility will probably win out, but wow will it hurt. I will try to salve the pain by watching George R.R. Martin talk, later. But it will be less applicable to my job.
  • On Sunday, at 1pm, my EL team will be at the ALA Advocacy Corner (yeah, the title is not a good advocacy sales pitch, in and of itself, is it? but the talk will be better … probably!), talking about Librarians Build Communities. That, I think, is the last of the EL stuff, for me. (NOT the last of Librarians Build Communities, which I’ll be doing here in Alaska until March. I also technically own the website, so I’ll at least have to have a digital chat or two with next year’s team. And I’m worried that nobody else on this year’s team is willing to mentor next year’s group, so I might end up doing that.)
  • It’s not EL-related, but I’m helping moderate Library Camp again, this year. Aside from being—if last year is any indicator—a great chance for conversation and reflection, it’s also right before Battledecks, so you should totally come by!

I’m doing lots of other stuff at ALA, but those are the things I have to go to. As is becoming usual, I haven’t scheduled in very much time for the Exhibits Hall. If I decide I don’t care about Disney after all, I know just the afternoon to spend doing Exhibits… (Yeah, somehow I ended up with an empty afternoon! It’s followed by a full evening, but still, that made me happy.)

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