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Quick News Post

I have so many real posts queued up—some of them are even started! But I’m on what I hope is the tail end of a super hectic, um, year. I’ll share some quick news, though (bolded for quick scanning), because I want to tell folks about the things that are going on, and I don’t want to seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Probably my biggest news is that I’m running for ALA Council—the link goes to ALA’s press release with the list of nominated candidates, not to any kind of Facebook page or other campaigning tool. It’s early even to be posting about it in my blog, I imagine. But I have to say, I was super pleased (and, I admit, surprised) to find out that the Nominating Committee gave me a shot at running! I’m very excited! (Yes, yes, ALA in Las Vegas isn’t on my bucket list, but ALA Council is! If I don’t win this time, I will try again.)

Next-biggest: I hit the three year mark in my job! I’m vested in my retirement fund, and I have hit that magic number that it seemed like all of the jobs wanted, back when I left library school: “3 years of library experience.” (I guess I hit that last year, since I worked a little before and all during library school, but with three full years post-MLIS, I feel much safer.) My husband is happily employed, we own a house, and I like—and, more importantly, I’m making real progress in— my job (most weeks), so I’m clearly not planning on going anywhere. It’s still nice to know that I could, if the right opportunity came up.

I’m also taking a Coursera MOOC on Human-Computer Interfaces. I’ll let you know how that goes, though my preliminary report is that I skipped the project portion of the class. It’s a very cool project, but I probably need to be putting my design energy into work, right now, not into continuing education.

It’s poor timing that I’m also trying to learn everything there is to know about owls, right now. Bird TLC hasn’t put me in touch with my mentor, yet, so I guess I’ve got some time on that. I’m excited (and my library books have return dates of soon), but I’m also overwhelmed. I admit, my owl-learning is a little bit on the back burner, right now. How is that even possible? I love owls, obviously!

(Technically, I could do my HCI course and Bird TLC stuff on work time, since one’s CE, and the other’s service. But I have enough to be doing at work that I am trying to avoid that. I’ll watch week 2’s lectures at work, today, because I have to get the quiz done before I go to the AkLA-Anchorage meeting tonight. I promise I’m not glorifying busy; I just happen to be living it, right this second.)

Tour de Cure is on again next year. Here’s the link to join my team, if you’re local—or planning on visiting in early June of 2013. :)

I’m trying to figure out what to present at the AkLA conference. Or at least, what to propose to present. I’m thinking maybe a WordPress workshop? AkLA’s spiffy new website is on WordPress, so it would be pretty good for the organization for people to know more about how to use WordPress. But is it legitimate to show people how to work in an already-installed WordPress instance, or do I need to show them how to get a account—and how that differs from a hosted WordPress? That’s a lot of weeds that I could end up in… Anyway, I’m interested in any thoughts folks might have.

Speaking of conferences, Georgia beat everyone else to hosting a state Librarians Build Communities! I’m super impressed. Alaska’s is still in the semi-early planning process, though a colleague in Juneau has had some fantastic ideas about what we could do for volunteer projects. I am hoping for a really successful volunteer effort in Valdez! Although I pitched LBC for the Pacific Northwest Library Association, I realized I can’t afford to go both there and to ALA this summer; luckily, one of the 2011 ELs who worked on LBC is willing to run it. I know she’ll do a great job!

On the academic front, we’re now close to the deadline for the library peer review committee to get their comments back to me about my faculty file. I’ll have the right to write a response, but I’m hoping I don’t need to. And then it will go to my library’s Dean, to the campus-wide committee, and to the Provost. I don’t remember whether the Chancellor sees fourth year files or not. Anyway, I won’t get the physical file back in my hot little hands until March, but feedback will filter in between now and then.

And, finally, on the organization/life front I’ve drunk the Evernote Kool-aid. I bought a ScanSnap scanner, and it’s been … actually, pretty life-changing, I won’t lie. I’m still figuring out which things need to go in which notebooks, and I’m still forgetting to “clip” everything that belongs in Evernote, but I have instant access to a lot of documents that used to live in piles in my house. (That project is ongoing.) I feel really, really good about this change—more so after a coworker came back from the Evernote conference and confirmed that they don’t data-mine the files we save!

So that’s my life, lately.

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