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Dale and me, October 2011
Dale and me at our wedding, October 2011

Hi! My name is Coral Sheldon-Hess.

I’m a developer, a librarian, and an engineer who advocates for accessibility, user-centricity, inclusivity, and hospitality in all physical and virtual spaces I have any involvement with. I pride myself on writing good documentation and running productive meetings.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, with my spouse, a chinchilla, two cockatiels, and two parakeets. My work time, right now, is spent teaching, contracting (as a librarian and as a web developer), and learning to be a better developer/data scientist; also, it turns out that I miss having coworkers, so I’m looking for a permanent position. In my spare time I like to make things, play games, learn about birds, and read (mostly blog posts and fiction). Unsurprising news from a developer and librarian: I am also very into coffee and tea.

If you have a project you’d like my help with, or a workshop you’d like me to run, please feel free to peruse my strengths and skills page, my LinkedIn profile, and/or my GitHub profile; or go ahead and contact me.