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Category: meta

On silence

I think every blogger has experienced what I’ve been going through: things get busy, you fall a little bit (or more than a little bit) behind in your blogging, and all of a sudden you have so many things to talk about, leading inevitably to a sort of paralysis as…

I’m back

It’s good to have a blog again. (I mean, besides my work one and the one about moving to Alaska.) I want to do a run-down of my first 8 months at work here and what I think I’ve accomplished, learned, etc. I want to obsess publicly about whether or…

Heads up!

I owe a million posts. I know. There’s a lot going on, now, though, with ALA Midwinter coming up (see you there?) and getting ready for Dale to join me in Alaska and, you know, getting [legally] married [because the ceremonial part is going to wait a while, for a…


Blogger apparently went nuts this morning. It told me my most recent blog post didn’t get published, and then it published it three times. Awesome.