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Category: politics

Death by Doodle

Scheduling is generally acknowledged to be a messy process. It is what we developer/geek types refer to as a “Hard Problem.” (I’m pretty sure it’s actually an “np hard problem,” but why risk overstating it?) But I find myself really irritated by the current “solution” that I and most of…

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Oh noes!

I’ve discovered a real problem, folks: most of the people I really want to work with–whose books, ideas, blogs, and podcasts have most influenced my thinking over this semester and who I think have the greatest chance of effecting real change in technology policies and practices (if anybody would just…

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I know we’re all just about ready to stop talking about the election (for various reasons), but history was made in more than one way last night, and I’m glad to know that for every African American child who now knows that the highest office in the US could one…

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