What I’ve learned from the drive

Every time I came “back to America” from Alaska, I felt simultaneously excited, disquieted, and wistful about the proximity of other states to the state I was visiting. I would exclaim, “You can drive from here to other states! You just go that way on the interstate!” And perhaps people looked at me askance, but it honestly struck me, hard, every time.

I’m used to it now. Continue reading

A book list and a trip update

Book stuff I complained on Twitter about The Name of the Wind, which I’ve had sitting in my Audible library for a while and decided to finally listen to, now that I’m finished with Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy (which is fantastic!). TNotW is clever, funny, well-written, and well-performed by the narrator, but there aren’t female characters, except for mothers and love interests. That annoys me, especially after reading so much speculative fiction that includes women. I shared as much on Twitter, and people asked for the list of what I’ve been reading. So, pulling from GoodReads, here are my recent … Continue reading

Driving South


When we came up to Alaska, Dale and I kept a shared blog. It was a fun way to chronicle a weird journey, both the drive itself and the transition to living in Alaska, which is a pretty unique place. It’s been useful to several people through the years, because they got to see what my move (driving from Pittsburgh) and Dale’s move (shipping a bunch of boxes and flying) looked like and get a sense of the pros and cons of each approach. But because we’re leaving Alaska, and because the blog’s title was “Moving to Alaska,” that doesn’t … Continue reading

Code4Lib 2014 Write-up

I had an enjoyable and educational time at Code4Lib 2014. It was my first time attending any Code4Lib event, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be there, thanks to the Diversity Scholarship sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources/Digital Library Federation, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Sumana Harihareswara. Thank you to the sponsors, the scholarship and organizing committees, and everyone else involved with the conference for this amazing learning experience! Things that went well I appreciated that the conference was one-track and was recorded. It meant that, except during the pre-conference day, I didn’t have to … Continue reading

Code of conduct pledge and cosigner list

Although I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, informally, I would like to more publicly/formally talk about my participation in the Code of Conduct Pledge (#CoCPledge) movement—and hopefully add value to the movement with a sortable list of co-signers. (I’m not using this post to make all the arguments about why codes of conduct are important, but I’ve written about it before, and I will again.) Now, I’m no John Scalzi, and I know there aren’t any events/organizations that would miss me so much that they will drop everything to develop one of these statements (and the buy-in and policy … Continue reading



I think my schedule’s finalized. I’m glad I looked at Daniel’s (the Alaska Councilor’s) schedule, though: I had missed one of the required meetings (ALA-APA Council). Speaking of: wow, does Council take up a lot of conference, especially if you need to attend Orientation and you want to try to be a good Councilor and go to the Forums. I have 37 unread email threads in my Council folder, right now. I’m planning on going through them Wednesday afternoon while I wait my turn at the DMV. If you have more energy than I do today, here’s the Council list … Continue reading

ALA Day 1

(Numbering the day is no promise to write one of these every evening.) I’m on an iPad, so this will run brief (and choppy) for a post in a CoralBlog. It isn’t so bad to type on, but it’s slow. This was the first day of my first conference in a repeat location. (I attended Anaheim 2008, as an enrolled-but-not-yet-matriculated library student.) I am staying at the EL house, which is a bit of a walk, so I actually passed the hotel I stayed in the last time, which was cool. And then the giant tree I remember admiring, in … Continue reading

See you in Anaheim?

Things have been hectic, since Midwinter. Work’s been busy (because when isn’t it?), some things in the Alaska Library Association have moved forward (which is fantastic, but potentially time-consuming), various life stuff (including more of Dale’s and my first year as homeowners) has continued to happen, and Group G’s Emerging Leaders project has taken up way more of my time and energy than I should admit to, given the other things I’m supposed to be getting done. But that last one, at least, will be over soon. We’re pulling together our report and our presentation(s), and it’s really nice to … Continue reading

Bits and pieces

Google Plus OK, I don’t know how long this will be available (and I don’t know a better way to capture it forever than to play-and-grab with screen capture—any Elluminate Live wizards out there with a better plan?), but my Google Plus talk is available here. You’ll need to fill in the email address and name boxes, for some reason I don’t understand, but nothing will happen because of it—you can put in gibberish with an @ sign, and it won’t know. :) It isn’t the world’s best Elive session, but neither is it the worst. I wish I’d said … Continue reading

#AkLA12 – Plan

I keep being asked if I have free time at the Alaska Library Association conference, coming up on February 23-26 in sunny Fairbanks, and I keep having to look up my registration. So I thought I’d share my schedule (even though I’ve learned not to post ahead of time what I’m going to attend). This way, I’ll have it in an easy-to-view format, and I’ll be able to share it. Plus, I haven’t planned all my meals, so I’m hoping to make plans with folks (look for bold text). :) If I put a star (*) by it, I’m either … Continue reading