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I dabble in many things. This is a partial list:

My bird eating popcorn
We also have threefour birds and a chinchilla—this is the oldest, eating popcorn. I’ve had this bird (or my mom has, while I went to college) since 1999.
  • I enjoy making/crafting, sometimes at home and sometimes at my local feminist makerspace — often while listening to audiobooks.
  • I take part in the local tech and maker communities through Code for Pittsburgh, Girl Develop It, and Prototype PGH/Bloomcraft.
  • I read a lot of fiction — as of the last edit of this page, I’m into books by Seanan McGuire and her alter-ego Mira Grant, as well as graphic novels about Captain Marvel and Squirrel Girl.
  • I play guitar, but not very well.
  • Dale (my spouse) and I like hosting board game nights and cook-outs; playing tabletop RPGs (I like Fiasco better than D&D, but we do both); and walking or biking the local trails.
  • We sometimes go geocaching, but not as often as we’d like.
This is our chinchilla, Princess Eleanor Rubidium Chinchillington III. We call her Ella.