CPD23 – Thing 7 – “Professional Involvement is a Marathon, Not a Sprint”

Did I miss a week? I see Thing 6 sitting there in Google Reader, but I don’t remember it coming in. :/ Anyway, professional organizations are very much on my mind right now. I am, as those of us on the tenure track sometimes say, “overcommitted to service” at the moment. The problem is, I find involvement in professional organizations very fulfilling, which makes it hard for me to say “no” as often as I probably should. I feel like it’s easier to make a difference in my volunteer work than it is to do so within the confines of … Continue reading

23 Things

I’m planning to work through 23 Things, starting next week and going through October. I’m not exactly a social media newbie, but 1) I’ve never followed the 23 Things program, 2) they’re working on some things I have no direct experience with, and 3) maybe there will be people in my network, locally or online, who are interested in working through it with me. I think it’s a good professional development/continuing education program, and, frankly, even we Regular Twitterers have things to learn. Here’s the list of topics they plan to cover. Comment here, tweet me, or get in touch … Continue reading