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There’s no place like home!

The project I talked about in my last post is complete! And it has been mailed to and received by the happy couple!

So, as promised, here are pictures:

The photo on the cutting mat is just included to give you a better idea of the coloration–I didn’t realize my camera had yellowed it out so far, and, obviously, it’s no longer here for me to take photos of. ;)

In case you aren’t a giant nerd, the first thing you should know is, this is supposed to be kind of funny. The old version of this nerdy in-joke was “There’s no place like”, where the number translates to a computer’s home address on its network. That was in something called “IPv4,” the details of which would bore you. In the future, we’re all going to be moving to IPv6 (at least in theory)–actually, some places already have, including, I’m sure, the groom’s employer. And the home address in IPv6 is, you guessed it, “::1”.

As I mentioned in the last post, this is a [heavily] modified design from Subversive Cross Stitch. I changed a little bit in the flower-and-house border, to make it fit with the longer text (she had “Kiss My Grits” on there, which is far shorter), and I made the color scheme predominantly purple, the bride’s (and my) favorite color.

It was a fun project, although, with the constant color changes for the flowers, it did get a bit fiddly. I’m pretty confident in saying this is the most complex cross stitch, with the most colors, I’ve completed so far.

Bit of a preview: I’m doing an unmodified pattern from SCS for my mom, for Christmas. (I leave it up to the reader to guess which. ;)) And I might do a couple of honest-to-goodness cross stitch patterns, without jokes or irony, for other family members, if I get the time. I’d like to do “Babies Suck” on a tea towel for a soon-to-be new mom in the family, probably also for Christmas.

I’ve got to pick up a few more audiobooks. :)

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