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Less than a month!

A month from today, I’ll be completing my first week of school. Assuming my schedule doesn’t change when I meet with my advisor, Thursday is going to be my roughest day–actually, you could say it’ll be my only regularly scheduled rough day–with six straight hours of class. This seems unavoidable, if I’m going to take the five classes I really want to take this semester. 

Those of you who do math in your head are probably thinking I’m supremely bad (or supremely good) at scheduling, if I have a six-hour block on Thursdays, with only five classes, but you’re assuming I’ll have the same on Tuesdays. That’s not the case. The University of Pittsburgh’s Information School, or at least their Library and Information Science program, seems to have a philosophy of “compression.” People I’ve talked to in the library community have been surprised to learn that we have a one year program–and even more surprised that we still require the same number of credits as any two year program. The second part surprised me, too. I was also surprised to learn that we compress a three credit-hour class–something I’d expect to happen on a MWF or TR schedule–down into a single meeting per week. Now you see. So, without further adieu, here is my proposed schedule:

Monday 12-3pm LIS 2700 Managing Libraries and Information Systems & Services in Changing Environments
Monday 6-9pm LIS 2002 Retrieving Information 
Wednesday 3-6pm LIS 2970 Special Topics: Digital Citizenship
Thursday 12-3pm LIS 2000 Understanding Information 
Thursday 3-6pm LIS 2001 Organizing Information 

On the up side, this covers 4/5 of my “core” classes, leaving me almost completely free to take electives such as Digital Libraries, The Library’s Role in Teaching and Learning, and Special Topics courses for the remainder of my time in school. On the down side, there weren’t that many electives offered this semester that I really wanted to take–I wonder if I’ll have trouble finding four and three classes, respectively, for the next two semesters. I mean, I would really have liked to have taken San Jose’s distance course, Seminar in Contemporary Issues: Digital Copyright, but there are only two slots for Pitt students, and already someone is on the wait list. I guess I’ll have to rely on my [usually] unnecessary impatience to register for classes to get me into some of those, in the future. And I’ll have to assume that, if Pitt goes to the trouble to include something in their course directory, it is offered consistently at least once a year. In which case, I’ll be flooded with courses that interest me in the spring and summer!

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