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Internship Excitement

Two weeks after my internship started, I am finally beginning to get the hang of it and feel like I really belong. I show up on the Staff Directory (under Science Libraries – I don’t know where the phone attached to my name is, but I’m sure it’s in the library somewhere). I have successfully answered several reference questions. Yesterday, I even had my very own project to do! I helped process gifts for our CS Librarian. She was amused at how interested I was in the books; most IAs aren’t actually science or engineering people.

Tomorrow, I’ll be helping our Materials Science Librarian with some instruction–I won’t have to instruct the groups that are coming in, but I’ll do little administrative things like making copies or running to get the projector, to make her job easier. More generally on Fridays, I will be doing some web design projects, which I think is super exciting.

I’m still a tiny bit afraid to be at the Reference Desk alone, but usually IAs have backup of some sort, in case there’s a really hard question. And to be honest, I’m also pretty anxious to try it, to see how I do. I know our catalog fairly well (not perfectly, but that probably takes years), and although I’m a little weak on some of the journals, I at least have a vague sense of what’s there. And what’s where in our library. So I think I’ll do OK. Even if I am over-reliant on Google.

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