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Shameless Procrastination – and my schedule

It occurs to me that I never posted my schedule. It also occurs to me that, by doing so now, I am pretty much forcing it to change. I’m OK with that.

  • Monday – In Oakland 12-6. Homework for Tuesday thereafter.
  • Tuesday – In Oakland 10-3 and 6-9, usually doing reading in Oakland in between.
  • Wednesday – Homework or errands in the morning, in Oakland 2-5, homework for Thursday thereafter.
  • Thursday – Homework all day, including reading for Friday. Watching video of class when it’s posted.
  • Friday – In Oakland 10-4. Every other Friday evening, gaming. (I’m not up for homework on Friday nights, really; that’s my designated fun night, I think.)
  • Saturday – Reading for Thursday class.
  • Sunday – Writing for Monday assignments (some of which are for Thursday class, as well).

I had an Exalted game that was slated to happen every other Thursday night, but that fell through. The ST got promoted at his job and just doesn’t have the time anymore. I’m happy for him but sad for me; I put some time and effort into that character. And I find Exalted satisfying in a way that I just haven’t found some other role-playing systems to be. (No offense to my Facebook D&D group, who is awesome, even if they are letting my character lay on the ground and bleed, right now. ;)) … I wish I could convince someone to run Shadowrun 4e, or a different Exalted game, on opposing Thursday or Friday nights; that would be the best thing ever. Games at someone’s house is much more within my budget than going out to dinner or drinks, and it’s escapist in the same way as fiction is–only without the “I should be reading library stuff, not this fiction book” guilt–also it’s just, you know, fun. (Side note: There are plenty of library folk who appreciate the value of games, so I don’t feel super weird about coming out of the gaming closet on this blog. I only feel a little weird. :)) I realize my game-running karma is low; when I have a full-time job-and-no-school, or I’m in a graduate program where my schooling and work are integrated better, I will have to pull together and run a game of my own. But for now, for time reasons, I must rely on the kindness of friends.

Unless anyone’s interested in Parlor Larps? (If you click that link, don’t read too much about Snow White or All Saints Eve. I have those two.) I’d run one of those for interested people–not as well as Henry did, but I’d do my best.

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