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Ah, well

The program for the talk next week appears to have changed. In further discussion with the organizer, it seems like someone else gets to do the “Hey, look at all this neat stuff!” talk. My talk will be much more along the lines of “Look at what we’re doing at our library, and let’s talk about planning and making these things sustainable.” There will be some aspects of the “yay, technology is fun!” side of it–I want to talk about some cool ideas we have, such as QR codes around our building and a multi-stage geocache hidden somewhere in the library–but it’s going to be a lot more down to earth than the talk I was planning. Ah well. I’m still going to try to make it fun and interesting!

I guess I’ll have to find out the new name of the talk. “Technology for Boomers” is definitely a misnomer.

I’ll share my plan when I have it done and let you know how the talk went, of course!

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