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ALA Day 1

(Numbering the day is no promise to write one of these every evening.)

I’m on an iPad, so this will run brief (and choppy) for a post in a CoralBlog. It isn’t so bad to type on, but it’s slow.

This was the first day of my first conference in a repeat location. (I attended Anaheim 2008, as an enrolled-but-not-yet-matriculated library student.) I am staying at the EL house, which is a bit of a walk, so I actually passed the hotel I stayed in the last time, which was cool. And then the giant tree I remember admiring, in front of the conference center. It is really strange to be back, and to think of all I’ve been through, and all I’ve learned, in the interim. I know multiple people now, which is great, and I know my way around the organization. Mostly. I am not “dabbling” with my session choices, like I did back in the day, but I feel OK about that. It’s just a strange sensation, overall.

So. Day 1.

The whole day was spent in Emerging Leaders activities. I found today’s session, on influence, a lot more useful than the Midwinter session. I liked that it was widely applicable, both in association/committee work, and also in day-to-day work. I don’t want to take too much steam out of my plan to write up a “PNLA Leads vs. ALA EL” blog post, though, so I’ll leave off my program analysis for now. It was a positive cap to the program, for sure.

Anyway, it’s good to be “done” with EL. (We’re giving two more presentations before Conference is over, so I am stretching, a bit, using that word.) This project took a big bite out of my life, and it will be nice to refocus a bit in its absence. I owe my state association some attention. And NMRT.

Anaheim itself has been good so far! I’ve seen some lizards (skinks, I think), some hummingbirds, a mocking bird, a lime tree (in the backyard of the EL house), and an orange tree. How exciting! I would love to live somewhere with orange trees! But maybe with fewer people and better air quality… So perhaps not.

I have a reception coming up, so I’ll leave off here.

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