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The Evernote Boat

OK, OK, fine, I’ll get Evernote. And I’ll probably like it, and it will probably make my life better and all that jazz. (If you click the image, it will take you to an article about how Moleskine and Evernote are working together to make, effectively, a smart notebook. This is what I wanted from the Echo SmartPen, but didn’t ever really manage to get. $30 for the OCR app, on top of the pricy pen and special-but-annoyingly-sized notebooks, kind of galled me. I only ever use it for its audio recording function, now.)

I just have to take the time to learn it. And to buy the scanner. Which will help me improve my record-keeping for stuff like taxes, I assume.

But I had a BRILLIANT idea! If I can get my mom to send it to me, I could scan her entire recipe box into Evernote. I’ve never had access to a double-sided scanner, before, nor any clever way to store and add metadata to the files, so the process always seemed too daunting. I doubt that it’ll be able to OCR all of the handwriting in that box, but maybe it’ll get some of it.

So that’s pretty exciting!

(Yes, this is a short blog post. I don’t really have time to be blogging today, though I did want to publicly give up on my “I can get by without Evernote, thanks,” philosophy. :))

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