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Website facelift

You know how sometimes something can be a very small deal, in the scheme of things, but can begin to wear on you over time? My old website design was one of those things. It wasn’t necessarily actively bad (actually, I really think it was), but I kept meaning to change the banner image, and I didn’t like how some of the edges looked in certain browsers…

You know what I mean—or, if you don’t, I won’t be able to explain it. It was stressing me out, in a really low-level way, though.

I guess I was doing too much abstract work, this week, or something, because for the first time in ages I felt like sitting down and working on my website when I got home. On a Friday night. Let’s not dwell on that, shall we?

This new design isn’t perfect, obviously. Until I take the time to build my own WordPress theme—which will first require learning how to build a WordPress theme—I’m probably always going to have little nitpicky things I don’t like about my website. Probably even then. But I like the visual simplicity and the easy configurability of this theme (Mantra). I was able to make the changes I wanted to the theme’s look without having to muck around in the source files and risk losing all of my changes if I forget and click “update” without thinking about it (just hypothetically, of course…). It gave me more freedom with colors than probably most people have any right to, but I hope I have used my powers for good and not evil.

And since I was already in the mode to do it—and I saved a bunch of time I thought I’d spend coding—I went through and cleaned up some of my content. That felt good. It needs more work, but hey, it’s a start! Eventually, I’m going to add a portfolio area. I had one when I finished library school, but I removed it while I was in that weird space of “I’m a professional and don’t need to link to my school work … but I don’t have enough professional products to justify an online portfolio.” Now, though, I feel like I can pull things out of my faculty file to put up here.

I checked Google Reader, and I don’t seem to have republished all of my content on RSS or anything like that. Apologies if it acted up, or if you liked the page I deleted. But this seems to have been (knock on wood) the cleanest and easiest re-skinning of my site, ever!

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