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Question 1 – #TT4ALACouncil

Preface, so people know what’s going on…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice in this space before, at least in passing, but I’m running for ALA Council with a really good group of people. We’ve put our “Statements of Professional Concern,” as asked for by the ALA balloting people, on the About section of our Facebook page. (You have to click “See More” to read all of them.) And that’s pretty great, but we wanted to open up the floor for questions, too. After all, part of our purpose in running together is that, if we win, we’ll be visible, easily accessible voices in Council; if people know how to reach us (and feel comfortable doing so) before the election’s even over, we’re already doing our job.

When my answers are short enough for Twitter, I’ll post them there, under the hashtag #TT4ALACouncil. (Unless there’s someone who reads my blog, wants to see my answers, and doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, in which case I’ll post them all here—just let me know.) When they aren’t short enough, I’ll write a quick blog post and use the hashtag in the title, so that it still shows up in that stream. And, of course, we’re all answering each question on the Facebook page, as well. If you’d like to see everyone’s replies, that’s the place to go.

If you have any questions for any or all of us, please feel free to ask them in the comments here, via Twitter (to any of us individually or using the hashtag), on the Facebook page, or via email (coral at sheldon-hess dot org)!

My answer to “What is the first thing you plan to do on Council?”

I really like John Jackson’s point (in this thread) about getting involved with ALA’s strategic planning as quickly as possible and plan to do the same. Most of my reason for running–and I know this goes for several other #TT4ALACouncil candidates, too–is to help get new voices heard and to try to help ALA make the changes necessary to appeal to newer librarians, who aren’t joining at the same rates as new librarians used to, back in the day. Getting new voices involved in strategic planning is necessary to help fix ALA’s course.

A lot of the other points that have been listed also apply to me–if elected, I’ll join the Council mailing list as soon as the election results are in. I’ll talk to the Councilors I know, ask them for tips. I’ll attend Council Orientation. And I’ll invite new librarians to Council Forum, because I found it really telling when I attended.

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