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Anchorage Programming Workshop – First Class!

Level up!

Anchorage Programming Workshop held its first class last night, on GitHub, and I think it went really well. Besides the two teachers, four people showed up—fewer than we want, long term, but a great start, given that we really hoped to ease into this whole thing, anyway. Their backgrounds and learning styles varied a bit, but I think they all got something out of the class. Becky did a great job of teaching, and I was able to contribute what I hope was some helpful input. Everyone left with a working repository—and hopefully the confidence and know-how to get GitHub set up on their home machines.

Our plan is to do HTML/CSS next, though I’m debating maybe starting with Girl Develop It‘s Intro to Web Concepts (slides/repo), modified to fit my presentation style. It would give us time to figure out hosting for people’s projects (Heroku?) and to make sure there’s a core group who is comfortable with where we’re going. But perhaps I’m being too conservative/cautious?

Anyway, no matter where we go with our next meeting, it’s really good to have this thing off the ground! :)

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  1. Dale

    If it’s plain HTML/CSS they can just work locally, no need for hosting.

    • I know, but what fun is that?

      I think it will feel a lot more real and powerful to them if what they’ve made is actually ON the web!

      (Or maybe I’m just projecting my experience with this Python class, where I’m frustrated that I don’t know enough to put what I’ve developed into production anywhere.)

  2. If you’re presuming git knowledge (which heroku does), github pages may be easier (also it is VERY COOL).

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