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Learn Python with me!

I’m taking An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python through Coursera, and I’m hoping other folks in Anchorage will be interested in taking the course with me! I want to plan a weekly meetup, where people can bring their questions and any problems they’re having. The course requires no previous programming experience. (And that’s precisely why I think I can help; I don’t know Python, but I do have programming experience. And experience teaching programming, too, for that matter.) It starts April 15th and goes for 9 weeks. We’ll probably meet on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, though that isn’t set in stone; I’m planning to do a Doodle poll with the folks who are signed up. If you’re a local lady* and want to join me, sign up!

If you aren’t in Anchorage, I unfortunately can’t offer to set up a meeting time with you every week like I’m hoping to do with the locals, BUT I’d still really love to be part of an online cohort! The Library CodeYear Interest Group might let us set up a thread in their Connect space, or … you know, whatever works for whoever’s interested, honestly. And, side note: I realize self-paced courses aren’t everyone’s thing, and nothing about this course is going to be particularly library-centric. So, if you’re a librarian who wants to learn Python, but you don’t see this working for you, you could always sign up for the LITA preconference at ALA Annual this year. I’ll be there in a “teaching assistant” capacity, hanging out and offering help as needed—which is part of why I’m loving the timing of this Coursera course so much; it finishes right before ALA!


Also, I feel like I should explain that this is part of a larger project. Another female developer and I are putting together a group for local women* to learn how to code, a la Girl Develop It/Ladies Learning Code/Boston Python Workshop. We might officially affiliate with a larger group (we have a query in to Girl Develop It), but we didn’t want to wait for that process to work itself out before we got started. At least to start, we’re calling it Anchorage Programming Workshop. If you have any interest in learning to make websites, apps (mobile or otherwise), scripts, or anything that you think might involve programming, please check out our website and “like” us on Facebook!

Also, check out my totally sweet graphic. ;) (I’m still taking suggestions for what should really go where this is on the website. But I’m kind of getting attached to this, at the same time.)


*And friends. A man is totally allowed to come along and learn, as long as a woman brings him. For instance, I’m bringing a guy to this Python class.

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