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Month: November 2013

Invisible disabilities and healing

Honestly, at the beginning of November, I wasn’t feeling that thankful. I was (unbeknownst to myself at the time, and knock on wood in the hopes that it’s really true) at the end of a very, very bad year, which started with an unexplained pain in my left foot beginning last fall and went through a series of stages, from hip pain starting sometime before ALA Midwinter, through [what should have been] a minor thumb injury that ended up costing me a lot of the use of my dominant hand for several months. There was some other pain in other places in there, too. There was a significant period where, between the hand and the hip (and maybe the shoulder?), even getting dressed was a challenge for me.

Why we pay dues (or don’t) – membership in professional organizations

I asked a question (and shared my answer) here, back in September: why do (or don’t) you pay dues to professional organizations? I got answers about a wide variety of associations, but my particular interests were the American Library Association and state library associations. I got more comments than I…