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logoI think my schedule’s finalized. I’m glad I looked at Daniel’s (the Alaska Councilor’s) schedule, though: I had missed one of the required meetings (ALA-APA Council). Speaking of: wow, does Council take up a lot of conference, especially if you need to attend Orientation and you want to try to be a good Councilor and go to the Forums.

I have 37 unread email threads in my Council folder, right now. I’m planning on going through them Wednesday afternoon while I wait my turn at the DMV. If you have more energy than I do today, here’s the Council list archives; I don’t think most ALA members realize that’s publicly available, but basically you hit the “I’m not a spammer” button, and you can see everything—albeit, in a kind of user-unfriendly format (but mailing list software is always bad, so it would be unfair to lay that one at ALA’s feet). Also, here’s the page of documents for Council’s meetings at Midwinter.

If you’d like to see my schedule, here’s the PDF (sorry), which includes the not-on-Scheduler stuff (like the happy hour at Mad Mex after LibHack! find Rebecca Goldman or me right after the Hackathon ends, at 5, to head over together!), and here’s the version ALA will let me share.

In particular, I hope to see lots of folks at the #LibTechGender panel. I’ll be on it, as will many fine folks, answering questions from the audience (or from Andromeda, if the audience isn’t forthcoming). And we’ll all head out for more discussion over snacks and drinks at a local bar immediately afterward.

As I’ve written before, not only do I put everything in Scheduler and put the shortcut on my phone; I also put all the places on it into a saved Google Map (with a different icon for each thing, for easy use). It’s publicly available, and I hope it’s useful to more than just me. Also, if you’d like access to add anything to the map, just leave me a comment with your Google account email, or email me at coral at sheldon-hess dot org, and I’ll add you as a collaborator!

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