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Help make #moreadacamps happen!

the AdaCamp starI’ve written before about how amazing AdaCamp is. Twice. By now, y’all know it was a huge step in my growth as an intersectional feminist and as a member of the open culture and development communities. I wish there was some way to have everyone go through the Impostor Syndrome and Ally Skills workshops—the world would be a better place!

So this is going to be a short post.

Throughout this week, AdaCamp alumni are planning to blog about our experiences at AdaCamp and about why it’s so vital that AdaCamps continue happening, so that more women in open culture can have these experiences. We all hope that people will donate to the Ada Initiative, to help make that happen!

I’ll keep a list of the posts here, updated as often as I can get to it. Follow the conversation at #moreadacamps, and, please, if you can, donate:

Donate now


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