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DLF in Pittsburgh

EDIT: I am supposed to be at work (more on that when the paperwork is signed) on the day of the metadata workshop, but I will ask nicely if I can have the day off for some training. I’m still free to head downtown on Monday or Wednesday, though, whether or not I get the day off on Thursday.

This is just a really quick post to say that DLF Forum is in my hometown, this year, and I’d love to meet up with some of my internet-and-conference friends, if travel and conference scheduling makes that a possibility for any of you! I live here, and most of our public transit is downtown-centered; I can come to you, or I can give you easy directions to meet me somewhere if you’re feeling adventurous.

I didn’t buy a ticket to the full DLF Forum—it was sold out and also, admittedly, a bit more expensive than I could pull off, this year—but I did treat myself to one of the associated full-day workshops: Metadata Analysis. I’m pretty psyched about it, because there’s enough review (I’m solid on the command line, I know enough regex to look up what I need, and I have used Open Refine a little bit) that I can really focus in and play around with the newer concepts, like the Metadata Working Group’s Metadata Assessment Framework and some specific command line metadata tools I have not used yet.

I don’t know when I’ll get to use this cool new knowledge I’m collecting, but I hope that once I’m holding this particular hammer, nails will begin appearing for me. 😁

So! I’ll already be downtown on the 26th, and I’ll need to eat lunch. I can also get downtown pretty easily on other days. Get in touch if you want to grab some coffee or a meal together! (Right now, my schedule is my own; I can do most of my consulting work as easily from a downtown coffee shop as from anywhere else. If that changes between now and then, the most likely day/time to be impacted is Tuesday afternoon. Either way, I’ll keep my evenings clear.)

The DLF Forum schedule looks fantastic, and I plan to follow the Twitter stream; so of course I’d love to hear about any sessions you’ve particularly enjoyed.

(Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine.)

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