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Category: codes of conduct

Why I give to the Ada Initiative (and hope you will too)

This blog post is a little late. Others have written really evocatively about this subject, already. But, late or not, it feels wrong not to say something. The Ada Initiative is my favorite non-profit (besides perhaps the one I work for? :)). They’re my charity, when I remember to use it. AdaCamp changed my life. And I think sometimes librarians might be inclined to look at the Ada Initiative as “a tech thing,” something not relevant to reference librarians or children’s librarians or school librarians … or really any librarian who doesn’t write code for their job. But Ada doesn’t look at it that way.

Wheaton’s Law is not enough, and damn it, you are NOT neutral!

Over the course of the summer I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to several different Codes of Conduct for various groups/events. And always, always there is someone who, with the best of intentions (and I mean that)*, suggests something along the lines of “let’s simplify this by taking out the…