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Category: usability

Invisible disabilities and healing

Honestly, at the beginning of November, I wasn’t feeling that thankful. I was (unbeknownst to myself at the time, and knock on wood in the hopes that it’s really true) at the end of a very, very bad year, which started with an unexplained pain in my left foot beginning last fall and went through a series of stages, from hip pain starting sometime before ALA Midwinter, through [what should have been] a minor thumb injury that ended up costing me a lot of the use of my dominant hand for several months. There was some other pain in other places in there, too. There was a significant period where, between the hand and the hip (and maybe the shoulder?), even getting dressed was a challenge for me.

ALA Midwinter 2013

I’m combining my obligatory “lessons learned” post (past ones: here… and the others all got left in draft format) with my “how’d conference go?” post. I didn’t learn that many lessons—not enough for a full blog post—and, spoiler, I had a great conference. Quickly, my lessons: Get a prescription for…

Product Review: FitBit (but this post is secretly about libraries)

This isn’t normally a product review blog. Nobody sends me free samples (including FitBit). But I kind of want to write about the FitBit One because it connects to some of my library-related thoughts, recently, and because (spoiler) I really, really like it. And I know it isn’t technically the…