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[2670] Muddiest Point

In lecture, Dr. He mentioned that we should post the “Muddiest Point” from each of [at least ten of] his lectures. With 14 or so weeks of class, there is room for us not to post it each week.

The first lecture seemed very accessible, and I found very little to ask questions about. That’s pretty fantastic, except it makes me worry that maybe not everyone will be able to come up with a Muddiest Point for 10 out of 14 lectures (give or take). Maybe some subset of us will find everything as understandable as Lecture 1, in which case… what should we do? Should we maybe come up with a question related to, but not really covered in, that lecture? Or should we perhaps just point out what we thought was the most important topic covered in that lecture? Or do we just not post a Muddiest Point at all, that week?

(Is this too meta to count as a Muddiest Point? I admit, I’m probably worrying unnecessarily about this. Surely, we’ll wander into the weeds and find confusion, soon enough. :))

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