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A real, honest-to-goodness use for this blog

A word of warning: scattered in amongst my other posts will be some assignment-fulfilling text–responses to assigned readings and requests for clarifications of lecture material in my Digital Libraries course, LIS 2670. I’ll try to provide enough context that my normal readers aren’t lost and can find something interesting in it, but I thought maybe you’d appreciate knowing it’s going to happen. To make those posts easy to recognize (and easy for the professor and other students to filter), I’ll add the tag “2670,” in addition to any other relevant tags/labels.

My first day of classes went pretty well. I think both will be challenging and enjoyable. I like that there’s not a big focus on midterms and exams; it seems like they’re more interested in giving us hands-on experience than they are in assessing how well we cram, which makes me feel like I’ll probably internalize it all better than I did in engineering school.

More warning: it’s going to be best to just avoid me in mid-to-late November, when all of my projects come due, most likely on the same week. But, hey, it may free me up for Thanksgiving.

Amusement of the day: the color scheme of the classrooms very nearly matches the color scheme of my homepage…

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