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First Day of School

I used to love the first day of school, as a kid. Not really the second day or onward, mind, but the first was always pretty fun. There I was, with some brand new school gear, meeting up with a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since the end of school last year–and hadn’t yet remembered that I didn’t much like–with everyone’s energy levels pretty high, the teachers both optimistic and in no big hurry, and knowing autumn and Halloween were coming up. It was a good time.

Somehow, though, I think my professors this week will jump right in (which is for the best). And I don’t have a lot of cool new school supplies–I didn’t even buy myself pens–though I do kind of like my backpack. And it’s 80+ degrees. Also, I’d been looking forward to taking notes on my laptop, but I found out during orientation that we have desks a little bit like the one in the photo–only without the cool rockstar quote. (Link goes to the page where I found it.) Barely enough space for a notebook and coffee, let alone a 17″ laptop, which might fit, but there’s a real danger of it being knocked off, the first time anyone nearby moves. So I’m not entirely sure what to do about that. I’ll take my laptop, but I don’t have very high hopes of being able to use it. Maybe I should get one of those pens Target sells, that record what you write with auto-OCR? (Sorry to be so negative about this. I’m grumpy and feeling let down, as far as the desk situation goes. Knowing it’s a technology-heavy program, what I pay in tuition, and that there are 200+ other people paying the same amount, just among the library graduate students, I expect more tech-friendly facilities.)

On the bright side, my schedule is pretty doable, with Monday being the one “bad” day (two classes right in a row). I’ll post a combination of work and class schedule when I know it.

For now, assuming I’m not working that evening, I’m thinking of going to this. (Thursday evenings are still in flux.)

Anyway, I’d better start getting ready to go!

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