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Getting healthy!

gunsIn a departure from the things I normally talk about here, I’m going to do a short(?) series of posts on health-related stuff — some apps and tools I like (or don’t), plus some recipes I’ve been into lately. It should go without saying that by “health” I do not mean body-shaming of any variety. Body-shaming also will not be tolerated in the comments. This series is about good habits and feeling good (and a little bit of gadget love), and that’s all.

Still, not everybody’s into health stuff, or any other topic I might post about, and I get that. If you use an RSS reader, here are top-level sub-feeds you can choose to subscribe to, so that you only see certain topics (and there are sub-sub feeds, but I leave all that as an exercise to the reader):

  • Librarianship (fairly self-explanatory, except it also includes posts about books and the ALA)
  • Technology (includes programming, usability, engineering, and science)
  • Social Justice (codes of conduct, inclusivity and diversity, #libtechgender)
  • Teaching and Learning (instruction, pedagogy, classes I’m taking or teaching
  • Leadership (a lot of stuff about communication, so talks I’ve given also end up in this one
  • Crafts (things I make, things others make that I like, recipes)
  • Geekery (stuff about birds and games, apparently)
  • Health stuff is actually under a category I call “On a Personal Note,” a holdover from when this was just a professional blog, although you can get to just the health stuff, too.

Why am I posting about health stuff?

I’ve been trying to find shiny clouds around unfortunate situations, and these health posts are kind of an extension of that. I did not intend to be unemployeda freelancer at this juncture, but it’s finally given me the space to step back and realize what bad habits I’d developed during my working life, in terms of self-care and (de)prioritizing my health. This last job was also the last straw, because it turns out I don’t do well with constant high stress and a bunch of 60-80 hour weeks back to back. Nobody should have to deal with that, but especially if one is fighting a chronic illness, that’s just no way to live. The down side is that my health deteriorated quickly. The up side is that, once I left (ironically, I left for other reasons, not for my health), I really had to take stock, and I am doing so well now, at least in terms of habits. My health is already noticeably better, and I have tools in place to help it continue to improve. And I mean that both in the sense of managing my illness and in improving my general health.

Which is to say, nothing I share is going to be arthritis-specific, although if it relates to arthritis or other chronic illnesses, I’ll mention it.

Also, it’s the first day of spring, so we’re all thinking about renewal and about getting out of the house. It just seems like a good time for this kind of thing!

What do I plan to post?

I want to talk about my activity tracker and how it compares to other options out there. (I ditched the Fitbit, despite loving it.) I want to talk about this stupid — but delightful! — app I use to make myself drink enough water each day, plus a related app that is not a particularly good motivator for increasing one’s step count — so I probably want to talk about incentives and motivation, in general, too. I have at least two recipes I want to share… maybe more. And, I don’t know, maybe I’ll talk about tea or the healing power of cute animal photos or bad behavior I’ve seen in fitness forums. I use MyFitnessPal, but I don’t currently have a post in my head about it (unless someone wants to read a compare/contrast with SparkPeople?).

So it might only be three posts, or it might be more. Much like when I give a talk, I never know exactly what I’m going to say until I start writing. :)


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